About F&F hiFi

About F&F hiFi
That's us on the far right... Frank and Felix from F&F hiFi. Here we stand together with the Ilumnia team from Belgium with whom - as their world wide distributor - we work closely together on a day to day basis. We highly regard short- and direct lines between a manufaturer, its distributors and the customer. That is our "modus operandi" as we believe in world class service and we want to be open to user feedback every minute of the day. Felix is the technical guy, with a strong background in electronics and DIY-ing all types of amplifiers, DACs, streamers, and phono amplifiers. Frank has a history working for a big consumer electronics company and various innovation start ups in high end audio as a marketeer with serious affinity for technology. We both have a passion for music and high quality playback equipment. What an open door to kick...! But... Yes, we love what we're doing, bringing unexpected brands-, solutions and technologies to market.

Our promise to dealers & distributors

Dealer Relations

We have solid relations with dealers in the Benelux and distributors around the world to make your products sell.

Marketing & Sales

We are experienced marketeers, ready to launch- and establish your brand. We operate close to the market.

Media Relations

We have in-house PR competencies and are connected to both media and their leading review journalists.

Technical Expertise

Besides short lines with manufacturers, we have in-house technical expertise to solve all product related issues.

Want to work with us?

F&F hiFi  is the worldwide distributor for Ilumnia and the Benelux distributor for Zanden Audio. As a dealer or distributor, you are welcome to contact us to discuss further business opportunities.

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